Love The Rain Coaching
Love The Rain Coaching
Celia Boothman

I'm creating a network of female triathletes to support each other

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About Me

Hi I'm Celia

A triathlon coach and athlete, who "loves the rain"! Well you have to in West Wales, and I also believe that it's important to use our setbacks (rain) to help us grow and evolve as athletes and great humans. 

I love racing, and adventure, one of the things I love about triathlon is the places it takes you, and being able to train outdoors. I have always loved the natural environment, and doing triathlon means you get to enjoy some amazing scenery and go to race in different places, places that you may otherwise never go. 

I also do a bit of rock climbing with my family at weekends, which has lots of mind/body benefits!

Why You Should Join Me

I aim to make this a safe space where you can connect, share your training, and questions about training. We can celebrate our success, share our failures, and support each other to be the best that we can be.

I launched LTR coaching in 2014 to provide a structured approach to training and nutrition for busy people who are balancing doing what they love, with family and work life.

Recently I completed the inaugural “women are not small men” course, run by Dr Stacy Sims, and have a passion for women getting the best from themselves, through supporting each other, and good information. I will be sharing information and supporting women at all stages of their life during their triathlon journey.

A Big Thanks

Thanks for your support, and be sure to share this space with others who you feel would benefit and enjoy the community.